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Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc. is a member of the PWC-GM Chamber of Commerce and was awarded the Prince William County Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce Shelley Krasnow Community Service Award in 2005 and was nominated in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

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What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Shaken baby syndrome is child abuse.  SBS describes the injuries incurred from violent shaking of an infant or toddler.

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Who are the perpetrators?

Average perpetrator is 22 years old.  37% biological fathers; 21% boyfriends of mother; 17% childcare provider; 13% mothers of victim

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Who are the victims?

Average age of victim is 4-6 months of age, 63% boys and 25% die.  All victims experience traumatic brain injury of some type.

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How do I know if my infant or toddler has been shaken?

Extreme irritability, stops eating, unable to awaken from a nap, seizures, vomiting (flu like symptoms), pools of blood in the eyes, fingerprint bruises on front and back of rib cage are all suspected signs of SBS.

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What do I do if I suspect a child has been shaken?

Immediately call 911 or take your child to the nearest emergency room and ask for a retinal exam.  Be cautious of misdiagnosis of the flu.

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How do I stop a baby from crying?

Ensure the basic needs of the baby are met, swaddle the baby, hug the baby, lay baby on your legs tummy down and rub the back, run the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer, play soft music, take the baby for a walk or a ride in the car.  If all else fails place the baby in a safe place like a crib, close the door and walk away for 5 minutes.

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Am I a bad parent and/or caregiver if I cannot stop a baby from crying?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  Babies cry to communicate.  Some babies cry for longer periods of time than others.

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Can Shaken Baby Syndrome be prevented?

YES the key is in our hands!!  Helping parents raise and nurture their children in a loving, abuse free lifestyle will help.  Early intervention through support groups and parenting classes helps.  Education by hospitals to new mothers and fathers.  Education to daycare providers is imperative

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How do I report suspected child abuse?

Call 911.  Call your Department of Social Services and ask a supervisor to open a file.  Going to a supervisor will expedite the process.  Make a follow up call.  It can be difficult to report child abuse, “should I get involved”.  Absolutely getting involved is a must, you may be saving a life by reporting the suspected abuse. 

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