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Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc. is a member of the PWC-GM Chamber of Commerce and was awarded the Prince William County Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce Shelley Krasnow Community Service Award in 2005 and was nominated in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc.
  Shaken Baby Syndrome is
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About SBP
Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) occurs when a frustrated caregiver shakes a young child as part of a pattern of abuse or an adult has succumbed to the frustration of a baby’s crying, injuries resulting in multiple permanent disabilities and in 25% of the diagnosed cases – death.,

Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc. was founded January, 2005 and operates as a public charity in order to provide relief for the poor, distressed or the underprivileged; it will not conduct any business which is not within the definition of a non for profit organization.  It will not seek to make any profit for shareholders; it is organized as a Virginia Non-Stock Corporation, therefore it has no shareholders.

Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc. develops, evaluates and implements services for shaken baby syndrome awareness and prevention, education, victim/victim family support.

Through fundraising efforts, Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc. provides durable medical equipment, therapeutic horseback riding scholarships, music therapy and more to boys and girls 22 years of age and under in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Shaken Baby Prevention, Inc. sells SBS awareness/prevention shirts, bumper stickers and stress balls.  The proceeds from these sales go to outdoor advertising campaigns.

SBP, Inc. invites you to listen to The Northeast Center for Special Care Podcast in a program entitled: Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Parent’s Perspective sponsored by the Northeast Center

Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Parent’s Perspective, can be listened to or downloaded at the Northeast Center for Special Care Podcast website: and it can be downloaded for free at the iTunes store and

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